Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Profile of the Board of Directors of Takaful Gambia Limited

Amie Bensouda (Chairperson)
Aged 60, is a Gambian citizen and is a member of the Board of Takaful Gambia Limited who was appointed as the Chairperson in January 2016.

She is a Legal Practitioner and Consultant Founder & Head of the Law Firm Amie Bensouda & Co, one of the leading law Firms in The Gambia. She is a commercial mediator and member of the Institute of Arbitrators (UK) as well as a Consultant on Legal Sector Strategic Planning and the drafting of framework legislation. She is a lecturer at the Gambia Law School. She is currently a member of the World Bank Technical Advisory Group on the Assessment of Land Governance Frameworks in Africa, and Lead Council assisting the Commission of Inquiry on the Financial dealings ad assets of Ex-President Jammeh, his family members and close associates.

Amie Bensouda worked in Government for 14 years from 1981-1995 during which period she served in various positions including Parliamentary Counsel at the Attorney General’s Chambers and Ministry of Justice and latterly as Solicitor General & Legal Secretary 1990 – 1995. She also served as a Member of the National Women’s Council 1984 – 1989. She became first female President of The Gambia Bar Association from 2006 -2010 and also Chairperson of the Institute for Human Rights and development in Africa from 2006 – 2012. She was conferred with the national honour – MRG (Member of the Republic of The Gambia) in 2007 in recognition of her services to the Nation. She is a member of Soroptimist International, Commonwealth Judges and Magistrates Associates and Female Lawyers Association in The Gambia.

Amie Bensouda is also a founding member of Gambia Women’s Finance Association (GAWFA), Chairperson of Reliance Financial Services Ltd (the Leading micro finance bank).

Sainabou Jallow Gaye (CEO)
Aged 55, is Gambian Citizen. She is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Takaful Gambia Limited.
She started her career at the Gambia National Insurance Company in 1983 as a Fire General and Marine Underwriting Clerk. In 1986 she did her Diploma In insurance at the West African Insurance Institute in Liberia, Monrovia. In 1989 she moved to Great Alliance Insurance Company as the head of Reinsurance Department and then head of Technical Department and was also the officer in charge in the absence of the Deputy Managing Director.
She Graduated as a Chartered Insurer with Chartered Insurance Institute of London 1994. And Masters’ In Business Administration from the University of Hull in 1999.
She Joined Meridian Bank, now Trust Bank, in 1994 working in the Corporate Department as a Corporate Manager. Moved to the Marketing and Business Development Department as the head of department in 2007. Later, In October 2007 she joined the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as a Resource Mobilization Communication and Partnership Analyst and also as a support to the resident coordinators office. In April 2011 she joined the FAO as a project Manager. And from May 2012 to February 2014 as an operations officer.
She Joined Takaful Gambia Limited in March 2014 as the General Manager and was confirmed as the CEO in January 2016.
A Chartered Insurer and Risk Manager with experienced management, professional multidimensional, transferable skills and proven leadership and marketing and financial competencies. Acquire substantive expertise and experience in Strategic Planning and Managing for Results; Banking and Financial Management, Insurance and Risk management, Communication and Advocacy, Resource Mobilization and Partnership development, Monitoring and Evaluation, Leadership, Management and Negotiation.

Momodou Musa Joof (Member)
Aged 54, is a Gambian Citizen and was reappointed to the board as a founder member in January 2016.
Momodou holds a Masters’ Degree in Management from the International Islamic University, Malaysia. Further education Teahers’ certificate (FECT) – city & guilds of london. Diploma in Insurance Underwriting – West African Insurance Institute, Monrovia. Certified Takaful Professional Diploma – Alhuda Centre of Islamic Banking & Economics, Pakistan

He Joined the Insurance Industry in 1989 as a qualified secondary school teacher. He was appointed as an Accounts Clerk at the Senegambia Insurance Company. Later transferred to the Technical Underwriting Department of Senegambia as a clerk in 1990. He was sent to the West African Insurance Institute in Liberia for a Diploma in Insurance Underwriting 1991. Upon his return in 1992 he raise through various ranks and become a Senior Supritendent. He later joined a then a start-up Company, Gamstar Insurance, in May 1992 as Assistant Manager responsible for Motors, Claims and Medical Insurance. In 1993 Mr Joof joined another Insurance Company called Great Alliance Insurance Company Limited as a
Manager responsible for the establishment of the Life and Health Insurance department. He left to pursue a Masters Degree in Management in Malysia in July 2003
He set up the First Islamic insurance Company, “Takaful”, in the Gambia ,Takaful Gambia Limited. He served as the managing Director of Takaful Gambia Limited up to April 2014. He Joined Phoenix Assurance Group (Takaful) as a chief operating officer. He is the current Managing Director and Chief executive officer of Jaiz Takaful Insurance Plc In Abuja, Nigeria which he help setup in March 2016.

Tijan Touray (Secretary)
Aged 40, is a Gambian Citizen and a member of the board of Takaful Gambia Limited. He was appointed Secretary to the Board in June 2016.
He started his career as a part time Lecturer at the Management Development Institute (MDI) in February 2005. He Joined Deloitte and Touché as an audit assistant in July 2006. He move through the ranks and became an Audit Senior in March 2011. His years in Audit gives him a wide range of experience across all industries and sectors within the Gambia. He is a Member and Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA) 2012 and a Certificate member of the Chartered Insurance Institute UK (Cert CII) 2017.
He is the current Financial Controller of Takaful Gambia Limited which he joined in April 2014.

Seedy Omar Bensouda (Member)
Aged 34, is Gambian Citizen and is a member of the Board of Takaful Gambia Limited who was appointed in January 2016.
He graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with Bachelors (BSC) computer and Mathematical Science. He started his carrier as Senior Software Engineer at OPNET Technologies Inc. in February 2005. Later founded insist Global as the CEO in August 2010. In 2015 he founded Insist net ltd an Internet Service Provider. He is the current president of the IT association of the Gambia.
He is a board member of various institutions ranging from Startup incubators to Real estate companies.

Alhagie Gaku (Member)
Aged 63, Aged 34, is Gambian Citizen and is a member of the Board of Takaful Gambia Limited who was reappointed in January 2016.
He attended Islamic School in the Upper River Region of the Gambia. He ventured into business in his early 30s after graduating and he is still into business. He has a wealth of experience in business in the sub region.

Mr. Ebrima Omar Jallow (Member)
Aged 63, is Gambian Citizen and is a member of the Board of Takaful Gambia Limited who was reappointed in January 2016.
is an accounting professional with over 40 years’ experience in accounting and business management. He started his career as an accounting officer at the Gambia Utilities Corporation in 1974, for 3 years before spending the next 12 years working as an accountant for Afro Atlantic (Luis Diaz) Co. Ltd.
In 1989 he ventured into tourism with the establishment of Drago Travel Agency. He then established Ebou Jallow Import and Export in 2004. He is currently Proprietor and Managing Director of both enterprises as well as an estate management business established in 2007.