Products & Services

Products & Services

 1)  Fire and Allied Perils

Takaful certificate covers the risks of loss or losses consequent upon fortuitous fire out breaks to the standard coverage of fire, lightening, explosion and allied perils such as flood, windstorm, impact damage, earthquake etc. (Buildings, fixture & fittings, plant & machinery, stock in trade, office equipment, household goods and personal effects)…

2)   Burglary/Theft

Takaful certificate covers contents against Burglary/theft and the resultant damages therein of office furniture, fixture & fittings, equipments, household goods and personal effects of private dwelling house or business premises upon forceful violent entry and or exit of the premises.

3)  Public Liability

This protect you against legal liability for cost and expenses towards third parties for bodily injuries and or death, damage to properties and expenses arising from such third party claims that may occur  as a result of your operations. For a quotation on this class, please provide the requested information below.

4 )  Motor Insurance

Takaful certificate covers the liability of the motorist for own damage , death or third party liabilities arising from the use of the motor vehicle.

5) Medical and Hospitalization.

Takaful offers one of the best schemes in this industry. It enables your covered employees to
Use our medical card and receive medical services from both Private and Government
Medical service providers who will send the medical bills directly to us for settlement.
The Scheme is divided into three categories, namely:
Category A – Provide Local & Overseas evacuation cover Excluding USA and Canada

Category B – Provide In and Out Patient for local treatment only.

Category C – Provide medical treatment in Senegal on reimbursement bases. Please note    this exclude feeding, accommodation and Travel expenses.

6) Group Personal Accident

This is a cover that many employers take out for their key employees as fringe benefit.

Personal Accident Takaful/Insurance is one coverage that every productive person needs because we run the risk of accident everywhere – in our houses, whilst walking, travelling by car, by air, at work, etc, it is just not avoidable. Sometimes these result in death and deprive children and dependants of needed financial support, or injuries and disabilities giving rise to permanent and temporary loss of earnings. Etc. This Takaful/insurance covers the employees 24hrs around the clock and worldwide.


7) Professional Indemnity

Cover for professional people such as Accountants, Surveyors, Doctors, Lawyers /Solicitors Insurance Brokers against professional liability they may incur for negligence, errors, omissions etc

8) Employers’ Liability

This Takaful certificate provides compensation for your legal liability in respect of cost and expenses towards your employees for accidental bodily injury or death during the course of their employment.

9) Machinery Breakdown

This covers unforeseen and sudden physical losses or damages to the participant/insured items necessitating, their repair and /or replacement.All types of machinery, plant, mechanical equipment and apparatus can be covered under the machinery breakdown insurance.